About Lbry Meetup.

A Monthly Meetup for Lbryians


We organize meetups where we introduce about LBRY, LBRY Protocol and applications to the students and how LBRY can help us to protect our privacy and freedom.

Over 3 Meetups and 2 Mini Meetups Held

We are just a groups of students gather around to learning and experiencing new technology like LBRY protocol and other related technology. We are growing slowly and steadily


Meetups Held

LBRYian Visits



Videos From Past Events

Meetup 1

In this meetup we discussed how to build social media network among students to promote various new technologies like the LBRY protocol and build simple projects around the blockchain technology.

Meetup 2

In this meetup we discussed about LBRY protocol and LBRY credits. We gave a demo on how they can earn LBC using LBRY and also we distributed some LBC to all participants so they get a clearer view of how LBRY works.

Meetup 3

 In this meetup we discussed about how to publish digital content for free or for payment on LBRY, and also discussed how LBRY system worked end-to-end without any centralized authority or point of control.


DEC 9 LBRYian.com Moon Light Lbry mini meetup

Mini meetup includes Discuss about future Lbry translation, Lbry memes and Memes Contest On Twitter (Best Memes decides by most likes and retweets.) Winner gets LBC. also focusing on finding the right people who really knows the other indian languages and help us in translation for lbry

DEC 10 LBRYian.com Badariya Restaurant Lbry mini meetup

Mini meetup includes Discuss for future planning and focusing on Lbry translation, Lbry meetups and in our college ekatra tech-fest is coming very soon so our hive working and planning to add dedicated Lbry event to promote lbry in tech-fest. (Around 900 engineering student visit our tech-fest every year).

LBRY Presentation

Udit Patel gave an in depth presentation to students about everything related to LBRY. He answered Q&A regarding his talk and gave satisfied answers regarding LBRY to judges and students questions like, how does LBRY work, what technology is used and how useful is LBRY to the world.


ISRO Visit

LBRYian at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) Visit Day 2 Vlog8

Flower Show Visit

LBRY.TV | LBRYian at Flower Show Visit Day 2 Vlog9


Kankaria Lake Visit

 LBRYian at Kankaria Lake Visit Day 2 Vlog10